Inside the willow dome


Planting potatoes in old tyres
Planting potatoes

Welcome to our Wildlife Garden

Planting in the polytunnel
In the north of Scotland on the Isle of Skye, Broadford Primary School's pupils had a fantastic idea. The moorland round their school was terrible so they thought they would make it into a wildlife garden because the children would like to eat vegetables all the time and would learn a lot about wildlife.

By 2000 we had built a path going around the garden. There were parents, teachers and pupils working in it. The Highland Council Countryside Rangers helped make a pond with a bridge, while the parents were building 5 colour-coded flower beds in another area of the garden. Next we put in a picnic area, at the very top of the garden, with tables and seats. The children designed the furniture and Touchwood built it for us.

We had one area left and when we got hungry we thought we would make a vegetable patch. We planted it with great green and purple cauliflowers, broccoli and lettuces, fantastic red and white cabbages and white and purple potatoes.

Parents and teachers helped us plant lots of straight willow and now we have a huge willow man at the entrance and a willow dome at the top of the garden to shelter in.

After many years, the bridge was vandalised and the benches eventually fell apart. Then we got a new bridge and some new benches with the help of the P6/7s designing and building the bridge and benches. P4/5/6 designed and built willow chairs with the Countryside Ranger.